The bank currently has over 360,000 saving customers and approximately 20,000 borrowing customers. The customer base is made up primarily of micro savers and borrowers from whom the Jamii Bora Brand enjoys unequaled loyalty. This customer base has contributed significantly to the success of our turn around process and it is the intention of the Management team to anchor the Jamii Bora Bank business on micro finance, where we have a competitive edge.

The Bank recognizes that the future of this country, and indeed the continent of Africa, is hinged on its ability to lift majority of the poor to the middle income bracket and beyond, and that financial services sector will play a significant role in achieving this. The Bank is also targeting the Consumer Banking Sector, Small and Medium Enterprise Banking and Agriculture to diversify revenue streams and provide a strong product and service portfolio for the huge micro finance base that will grow in affluence and demand more complex banking services both as individuals and businesses.

We intend to differentiate our service delivery approach to these sectors by focusing on the youthful majority of the population and leveraging heavily on technology to reach a wider customer base, giving them access to a virtual, do-it-yourself, lifestyle-linked banking experience.

We also recognize that these four sectors (consumer, Small Enterprise, Medium Enterprise and Agriculture) are still largely under- banked and there is an opportunity to grow market share in this space.

The management team believes that the true essence of success in the service industry lies with the commitment the Bank has to understanding its customers and placing them at the center of everything it does. This is why all the Bank’s products, services and processes are designed with the customer in mind. We intend to transform the lives and businesses of our customers and the by-product of achieving this higher purpose will be a financially sound commercial bank with happy staff, shareholders and wider stakeholder community.